Play-dough & Clay

Massera Collection

The Massera collection is the outcome of a journey through the rediscovery of play, that undirected experimentation that yields serendipity.

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an ode to design

Aayutha Collection

With its roots set in 400 BCE during the Sangam Tamil era, the exclusive Aayutha collection takes inspiration from the geometric style of the Tamil script.

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timelessly yours

Timeless Collection

The historic art of furniture craftsmanship through the ages, reimagined for the contemporary home. Explore artisanal furniture designs that are truly unbound by time.

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Explore our inspired furniture designs, a celebration of aesthetic refinement and exquisite craftsmanship. Our curated collections blend form, function, and fashion seamlessly, transforming your living spaces into sanctuaries of indulgence. Explore our range, from handcrafted tables to plush seating options, each resonating with rooted modernity and timeless elegance.

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Our range of premium furnishing options is designed to create a harmonious symphony of warmth, comfort, and style in your living spaces. From plush cushions to exquisite rugs and more, discover how each piece uplifts your décor, subtly complementing your lifestyle. With Magari, enhance the charm of your home with unparalleled elegance.

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Our kitchens are thoughtfully designed with a perfect balance of form and function, bringing together superior materials, sleek aesthetics, and innovative layouts. From sophisticated Decolux to minimalist Urban Edge and timeless Classical designs, each kitchen is a testament to your refined palate.

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Our wardrobes offer a harmonious blend of form, utility, and fashion, tailored to cater to your storage needs without compromising on style. From classic fixed height designs to grand floor-to-ceiling options, each piece exudes a unique sense of sophistication.

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Refreshing interior tales

Magari Diaries

Explore Magari Diaries, your go-to destination for expert insights into the world of luxury interiors. Here, we delve into trends, materials, designs, and more, offering you a lens to view the finer aspects of home aesthetics.

Five living room decor ideas for August

Explore a world where imagination and creativity merge to create living spaces that are beyond ordinary. As the mid-monsoon season approaches, we long for a calm, tranquil place amid the chaos. In this blog, we explore five captivating living room decor ideas for August. We embrace daring design, weaving personal narratives, and curating comfort in a tapestry of global influences...

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