Timeless Design, Meaningful Living.

About Magari

Magari means 'a feeling of hopefulness' and our experiential stores in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai are your one-stop for everything you need for to make your home a unique space.

Each of our furniture pieces feature eclectic designs that are deeply rooted in Indian styling.

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A touch of heritage

Reviving Traditional Artforms

Cane weaving and carved wood have been an integral part of indian furniture craftsmanship for centuries.

At Magari, we aim to revive these traditional forms of Indian craftsmanship and woodwork.

Our Retail Presence

Embarking on an Interior Design Voyage

Explore a world of luxury home decor at Magari's retail stores in Bangalore and Hyderabad, where design meets art in every furniture and furnishing piece.

The Original Abode of Aesthetic Excellence

Our Bangalore Store

Nestled in Indiranagar, our Bangalore store offers an immersive blend of old-world charm and modern sophistication, with a dedicated space for each home interior segment.

Inspiring Blend of Timeless Design and Elegant Spaces

Our Hyderabad Store

Magari's Hyderabad store mirrors the timeless elegance of our collections, featuring an atmosphere and colour palette drawn directly from the beauty of nature.

signature experiences

Our Chennai Store

Located in a bustling part of Chennai city, our latest signature retail store brings the wonder of Magari products closer to our discerning clients from the south. The store offers vast experiential zones crafted for you to explore.

Where Craftsmanship Meets Innovation

Our Factory

Our Bangalore factory brings together skilled artisans from across India, where traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation intersect, setting the stage for luxury furniture creation.