Massera Collection

Massera, or ‘to knead’, is the fundamental way we interact with clay. The pliant form makes for an involved and expressive activity, that puts us back in touch with our fun-filled, creative side.

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High-backed Orzo armchair from Magari's Massera collection, with textured fabric upholstery and smooth natural grain wood, paired with Thunai side table.

Playful Expression

Fluid Geometry of Massera

Playing with clay unlocks an unexpected sense of freedom, one where you are not limited by geometry and joinery.

Discover the fluid expressions of clay that blend organic form with function making Massera a distinctive accompaniment to your contemporary home.

Gola armchair from Magari's Massera collection, fully upholstered in richly textured metalesse fabric, embracing ergonomic design

Inspiring Design

Breaking Free From Conformity

The design of the Massera collection originated as soft, pliable Play-Doh, an accidental invention by itself. The collection’s soft yet elegant contours channel the organic shapes of Play-Doh and the freeform experimentation that can be moulded from clay.

Expressive Forms

Subtle curves and soft forms give the Massera collection a sense of whimsical charm. The playful forms are an eye-catching medley of materials. They are shaped and contoured to flow together into an unexpectedly refreshing take on contemporary home furniture.

Close-up of the Yokan dining table legs from Magari, showcasing organic contours, side-mounted cross-legs, and natural wood grain.

Curves & Contours

The curves and contours of this collection offer a unique perspective – one of light-hearted joy, unhindered exploration, and self-discovery.

Detailed view of the Occo sofa's upholstery by Magari, highlighting its full, ergonomically designed comfort.

Fabric Forms

The soft touch fabric finish of the Massera collection evokes the satisfyingly malleable form of clay.

Yokan dining table surface by Magari, featuring a unique raw wooden ring pattern, emphasizing natural wooden textures.

Organic Textures

Choose from endless options in patterns and textures from select mills that let you express the inspirational forms of Massera in your own home.