Discover the art of defining spaces with Magari’s exclusive range of partitions. Our meticulously designed partitions serve more than just the functional aspect of dividing a room; they bring an artistic flair that elevates your interiors to a new level of sophistication.

A classic elegant bedroom by Magari, featuring synchro system doors that lead to a large, integrated wardrobe, showcasing seamless design and functionality.

Synchro System

Flawlessly engineered

Enjoy effortless access with our expertly engineered Synchro system. Pull just one door and both doors open in harmony making it ideal for walk-in wardrobes and conference room entrances. The top-hanging design removes the need for floor tracks, making it an elegant choice for interior doors. Choose from ceiling or floor mounting.

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Office space design incorporating a Train Top-Mounted system partitions in the meeting room, offering flexible and stylish space division.

Train System

Smooth & sophisticated

Experience seamless space division with our Train Top-Mounted system, ideal when ceiling strength is assured. Doors stack atop one another when open, creating an expansive atmosphere. Our cutting-edge telescopic rail system ensures the doors glide smoothly, transforming your space effortlessly.

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A minimal bedroom design by Magari, divided by a fixed glass and metal partition that elegantly separates the wardrobe area, enhancing both privacy and style.

Fixed System

Flexible & Efficient

Opt for our Fixed System for efficient space division and zoning. As a stable element, it complements our range of movable components to achieve the desired spatial effect. The partitions affix to both floor and ceiling, allowing easy installation without damaging walls. Designed for effortless disassembly, the Fixed System serves as a secure and practical temporary wall solution.

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Magari's living room area features a slide fold system partition, ingeniously dividing the living space from the dining area, optimizing space with a modern touch.

Slide-Fold System

Maximizing Space with Ingenuity

Discover our Slide-Fold System, a space-saving marvel ideal for smaller rooms, narrow hallways, or specific corner areas where a traditional sliding setup falls short. This ingeniously compact design offers both functionality and aesthetic appeal, allowing you to make the most out of limited spaces.

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A sophisticated living room by Magari, equipped with a pivot system partition, seamlessly blending functionality with innovative design to redefine the living space.

Pivot System

Slim Elegance

Ideal for those narrow door openings, our Pivot System replaces traditional sliding mechanisms, providing a functional alternative for wardrobes. Utilizing floor-to-ceiling pivots, this design allows for seamless mounting without the need for a supporting frame.

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