Aayutha Collection

Derived from the rich culture and traditions of the Sangam Tamil era, circa 400 BCE, the Aayutha collection by Magari captures the geometric beauty of Tamil script in its exclusive designs.

Magari's Aayutha Low Dining Table and Kelir Low Dining Chair, featuring traditional low seating design with brass detailing and handcrafted elements.

A Touch of Tradition

About the Collection

The Aayutha Collection encapsulates the beautiful intricacies of historic stone-carving art from Mamallapuram, combined with the simplicity and unity of low-seated dining traditions.

The Kalvi high dining chair from Magari, handcrafted from solid wood with elegant brass inlays, complementing its sophisticated design.

Crafting Elegance with Precision

Design inspiration & process

At the heart of the Aayutha collection lies a delicate balance of materials. From the sturdy stone and warm wood used by our ancestors, to the addition of gleaming brass to enrich the aesthetic appeal, each piece is meticulously designed to enhance your experience.

Harmony of Materials

While our ancestors primarily used stone and wood to craft furniture, the Aayutha collection pairs brass and other materials to add an exquisite flair and expand the visual aesthetic of these traditional artforms.

Aayutha dining table and Kelir low dining chair by Magari, set in an open biophilic environment, blending traditional design with natural elements.

Elegance Crafted

The Aayutha Collection fuses the raw strength of stone, warmth of wood, and modern allure of brass, creating a distinctive symphony of materials.

Arivu study table and Kalvi study chair from Magari, positioned in a study area, combining minimalistic design with functional elegance.


Aayutha's versatility ensures a perfect fit for any interior. Its design and balanced material blend make each piece uniquely timeless.

Thunai side table by Magari, styled in a living room setting, showcasing its artful design and brass inlays in a contemporary home decor.

Luxury in Details

Each piece exemplifies our commitment to excellence, with materials that stand testament to durability and refined aesthetics.