Seamless Elegance in Motion

Sliding Door Collection

Experience the artful union of design, technology, and passion in our sliding door wardrobes. Every slide reveals the exquisite attention to detail, transforming your wardrobe interactions into moments of pure delight.

Magari's Tesseract collection features a large sliding door wardrobe, where geometric squares and rectangles converge in edgy design patterns, inspired by the fourth dimension.

Tesseract Wardorbes

Seamless Elegance in Motion

Discover the Tesseract collection, inspired by the fourth dimension, where squares and rectangles converge to create edgy design patterns. Complemented by matching accessories and locks, this series transcends the ordinary.

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Sliding door wardrobe from Magari's Tesseract collection, showcasing a sleek combination of matt and glass shutters for a contemporary look.
Elegant floor-to-ceiling sliding door wardrobe by Magari, featuring double cream and cherry natural shutters, blending warmth with style.
Magari's Tesseract wardrobe with walnut medium and graphite black shutters, offering a sophisticated contrast in a sleek sliding door design.
Tesseract sliding door wardrobe by Magari, combining plain mirror and coco milk shutters with an integrated vertical display unit for a unique aesthetic.
Floor-to-ceiling sliding door wardrobe by Magari's Latitude collection, featuring black and brown tones with parallel lines for a streamlined look.

Latitude Wardrobes

Harmonious Design

Experience Latitude, where parallel lines of varying sizes, materials, and colors harmonize to create patterns that are both soothing and delightfully intriguing.

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Latitude wardrobe by Magari with walnut medium, grey tinted mirror, and graphite black shutters, merging sophistication with modern design.
Elegant sliding door wardrobe in double cream and chestnut brown panels from Magari's Latitude collection, offering a warm and inviting aesthetic.
Magari's Latitude collection presents a minimal monotoned wardrobe, featuring a chic black and white theme for a timeless look.
Latitude collection wardrobe by Magari, showcasing heather violet and graphite black panels, for a striking colour contrast.
Mosaic wardrobe collection by Magari featuring double bream, copper leaf, and white canvas panels, creating a visually stunning effect.

Mosaic Wardrobes

Artistic Arrangement

Mosaic provides a fresh twist on the oldest structured designs, assembling patterns to craft modern and trendy art forms in your space.

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Innovative sliding door wardrobe from Magari's Mosaic collection with silk route, pure white, and plain mirror panels for a refined look.
Earthy colored patterned wardrobe from Magari's Mosaic collection, blending natural hues with contemporary patterns.
Magari's Mosaic wardrobe collection features panels in various patterns arranged to create trendy art forms, offering unique visual appeal.
Floor-to-ceiling sliding door wardrobe by Magari, part of the Mosaic collection, in a contrasting blue and white color scheme for a bold statement.
Elegant mirrored wardrobe from Magari's Reflection collection, offering a sleek and spacious look with reflective surfaces.

Reflection Wardrobes

Subtle Elegance

Reflection is a tribute to subtlety, merging your wardrobe with its surroundings through a blend of reflective surfaces and color-tinted mirrors.

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Reflection collection wardrobe by Magari featuring patterned mirrors alongside wooden textured panels for a sophisticated mix of textures.
Sleek plain mirror wardrobe from Magari's Reflection collection, enhancing the feeling of space with a minimalist design.
Full-length mirror sliding wardrobe by Magari's Reflection collection, combining functionality with full visibility.
Chic tinted mirror wardrobe from Magari's Reflection collection, adding a subtle color accent and depth to the design.
Simple yet captivating central sky themed highlight wardrobe from Magari's Highlight collection, bringing a piece of the sky indoors.

Highlight Wardrobes

The Signature Statement

Highlight, our Signature Collection, invites you to infuse your unique style into the decor with eye-catching highlights using fabrics, wallpapers, or leatherette.

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Magari's Highlight collection wardrobe featuring patterned fabric highlights with a mirror and muted panel for a textured appeal.
Elegant grey tinted mirror and wallpaper wardrobe from Magari's Highlight collection, blending reflective beauty with decorative patterns.
Cream-toned wardrobe from Magari's Highlight collection with elegant fabric highlights, offering a soft and luxurious touch.
Highlight collection wardrobe by Magari featuring a simple central design, focusing on minimalist elegance and clean lines.
Magari's Crystal collection features a large L-shaped wardrobe with tinted glass doors and integrated task lighting for a sophisticated storage solution.

Crystal Wardrobes

Clarity Meets Design

Embark on a design journey with Crystal, where white and clear glass unite to craft serene, crystal-clear design aesthetics.

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Sleek and minimal wardrobe from Magari's Crystal collection, highlighted by a central mirror panel, blending functionality with modern aesthetics.
Elegant cream-colored wardrobe from Magari's Crystal collection, accented with tinted mirror panels for a refined look
Double cream L-shaped wardrobe from Magari's Crystal collection, featuring a vertical plain mirror panel for added depth and reflection.
Magari's Crystal collection presents an L-shaped double cream wardrobe with a horizontal plain mirror panel, offering sleek and expansive storage.
Magari's Glaze collection showcases a sophisticated blend of matte and glossy surfaces, enhanced with task lighting for a luminous effect.

Glaze Wardrobes

Frosty Reflections

With Glaze, frost takes a new design form. Uniting matte and glossy surfaces, it brings together contrasting reflections in harmony.

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A contemporary wardrobe from Magari's Glaze collection, featuring plain and frosted mirror panels for a sleek and textured finish.
Brown tinted mirror wardrobe from Magari's Glaze collection, detailed with frosted lines for a unique visual texture.
Elegant brown tinted mirror wardrobe by Magari, with offset etching lines, part of the Glaze collection, merging art with functionality.
Bold and artistic brown tinted mirror wardrobe from Magari's Glaze collection, featuring frosted lines panels in bold strokes.
Magari's Impression collection introduces a bold wardrobe design, where vivid blue tones create a captivating and surreal visual appeal.

Impression Wardrobes

Your Inspiration, Our Design

Impression captures the essence of your thoughts and feelings. Translated into prints, patterns, or art, this collection is a personalised extension of you

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An off-white wardrobe from Magari's Impression collection, distinguished by a horizontal central digital painting, adding a contrasting artistic touch.
Graphic black wardrobe from Magari's Impression collection, featuring a striking digital print, blending modern art with storage solutions.
A graphic black wardrobe by Magari, from the Impression collection, showcased in an artistic party setup, highlighting bold digital prints.
Charcoal black wardrobe from Magari's Impression collection, adorned with a bold digital print of a bright red flower, making a dramatic statement.
Magari's Streaks collection features a double cream panel wardrobe accented with charcoal black streaks, offering a modern and dynamic look.

Streaks Wardrobes

Design with a Stroke of Colour

Streaks plays with colour and lines, creating patterns that stand out on a contrasting backdrop. It's an expression of a true designer's touch.

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Colorful wardrobe from Magari's Streaks collection, featuring panels in Purple Peach, Orange Silk, and more, for a vibrant storage piece.
A serene combination of floral peach and aqua grey panels defines this wardrobe from Magari's Streaks collection, blending soft hues with sleek design.
Multitoned vertical streaks wardrobe by Magari, part of the Streaks collection, showcasing an array of colors for a striking effect.
Elegant wardrobe from Magari's Streaks collection, featuring a sophisticated palette of off-white, bone white, blade grey, and graphite black panels.