Blend of Style and Functionality

Open-Hinged Wardrobes

Our open-hinged wardrobes are more than storage solutions. They're a testament to tasteful design, seamlessly uniting style and practicality.

Floor-to-ceiling open-hinged wardrobe from Magari's Decolux collection, featuring clear glass and off white glossy shutters with oak natural matt inlay handles.

Decolux Wardorbes

The Epitome of Elegance

Indulge in the refined charm of the Decolux collection. Uniting elegance, chic sophistication, and expert finesse, these wardrobes elevate storage solutions to works of art

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Magari's Decolux wardrobe with graphite black glossy shutters and sleek plain mirror handles, offering a modern and elegant storage solution.
Elegant floor-to-ceiling wardrobe by Magari in white canvas glossy finish, complemented by brown tinted glass and walnut dark matt handles.
Magari's Decolux wardrobe featuring copper leaf glossy shutters paired with graphite black matt handles for a striking visual contrast.
Sophisticated wardrobe design from Magari's Decolux collection, showcasing oak cigar finish shutters and handles for a cohesive, natural look.
Classical collection wardrobe by Magari, adorned in silk route matt with standard mirror shutters and brushed solid brass handles.

Classical Wardrobes

Embodying Timeless Elegance

Bask in the timeless beauty of our Classical range. Designs that not just withstand but transcend time, resonating with a quiet sophistication.

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Floor-to-ceiling open-hinged wardrobe from Magari's Classical collection, featuring icemint matt shutters and handles for a fresh, serene ambiance.
Magari's Classical wardrobe in blade gray matt with cane shutters, accented by brushed brass finish handles, blending tradition and modernity.
Vibrant and warm, this floor-to-ceiling wardrobe by Magari showcases orange silk matt shutters and handles, adding a pop of color to the classical collection.
Elegant bone white matt and natural cane shutters wardrobe by Magari, finished with brushed brass handles for a timeless, sophisticated look.
Floor-to-ceiling Urban Edge wardrobe by Magari featuring double cream matt shutters and handles, embodying minimalist elegance.

Urban Edge Wardrobes

A Touch of Vogue

Savour the city's pulse with the Urban Edge collection. Defined by their edgy design and fashionable features, these wardrobes effortlessly encapsulate urban sophistication.

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Gen Z collection wardrobe by Magari showcasing bone white matt shutters with a world map outline display and oak natural matt handles for a global flair.

Gen-Z Wardrobes

Futuristic Functionality

Step into tomorrow with the Gen-Z collection. Merging futuristic aesthetics with interactive elements, these wardrobes create a captivating, advanced storage experience.

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