A Blend of Artistry, Heritage, and Timeless Elegance

Our Exclusive Collections

Unveil the charm of Magari's three distinct collections - Massera, Aayutha, and Timeless. Each line marries unique influences, from playful aesthetics and geometric inspirations, to the timeless grace of wood and cane.

Massera Collection

Inspired by the playfulness of modelling clay, the organic design of the Massera collection brings a soft wabi-sabi aesthetic to your space.

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Aayutha Collection

With roots in the Sangam Tamil era, the Aayutha collection takes inspiration from the geometric style of the Tamil script.

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Timeless Collection

Explore artisanal furniture designs that highlight the natural elegance of stone, wood and woven cane that are truly unbound by time.

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Thoughtful Design

Each of our unique furniture designs are thoughtfully designed with utmost care. They revive traditional styles of woodcraft, reimagining them for the contemporary home.