Touch of luxury

Modern Classical Kitchens

Experience modern classical kitchens with three exquisite designs—Vento, Iris, and Aria. Crafted to perfection, our artisanal kitchens exude refined modern charm while maintaining the touch of timeless craftsmanship. 

Vento Kitchen

Rustic Elegance Redefined

Discover Vento, a stunning shaker style kitchen showcasing lacquer matt shutters paired with veneer shelves that perfectly capture a timeless simplicity, making it an excellent choice for your kitchen design.

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Aria Kitchen

Embrace Earthy Sophistication

Introducing Aria, a crafted modern kitchen with handleless lacquer matt shutters for a sleek design statement.

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Iris Kitchen

Metallic Harmony in Design

Experience the allure of Iris, a modern kitchen design that showcases the beauty of smooth lacquer matte and wooden laminate shutters. With a mix-up of framed, frameless, and glass options, Iris exudes timeless elegance.

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