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Five inspiring alternative ways of treating your window
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Five inspiring alternative ways of treating your window

While conceptualising interiors for a space, every design element plays its distinctive part.  The soft furnishing, ambient lighting, flooring and the art on the walls have to blend seamlessly to achieve desired décor sense.  For a home, soft furnishing is one of the key aspects in bringing a refined warm aesthetic. The right drapery has the ability to create a mood for every room in your home. Different fabric options and styles enable you to bring in that transformation.

Here is listing down 5 alternative window treatments that will inspire you:

1. Play with a mix of blinds and curtains

It’s important to consider the amount of sunlight the space would receive.  If the option is to treat your window with blinds, try a combination of blinds and curtains. In general, blinds work towards blocking out the light completely while curtains will allow the sunlight to play through it. You can mix this up with a combination of sheer fabric blinds and solid curtains or solid fabric blinds and sheer curtains.



2. Ripple style

Ripple fold drapery is a very modern style that exudes a sense of elegance. The ripple fold style resembles an undulating wave pattern. The ripple panels create a wave like flow, which can be custom-made to achieve the desired width for each segment. To make it more interesting, play the layering game, a sheer ripple fold for the day and a blackout ripple fold for the night.



3. Fabric hang

You heard it right! As the name suggests, it is about hanging the fabric directly on to the curtain rods. Whether it’s a sheer, solid fabric or more luxurious velvet, the idea is it remains unstitched, creating a simple and straight forward fall.  Be bold, mix contrasting patterns with solids.



4. Knots

This style facilitates knots on the top to tie up the curtains, resembling little bows. It’s a very informal and relaxed style. Lightweight fabrics work best, so pick soft materials such as sheer linen and translucent cotton. However, stiff materials will not create the bows on the top. This style gives the curtains a distinctive look.


5. Eco friendly Blinds

The Banana fibre and chatai blinds are sustainable and chic options. Its neutral brown hues easily allow it to be part of any room. These blinds can be placed in an indoors and outdoors set up.  The Banana fibre blind is made from the bark of the banana tree.  The chatai is made from bamboo. They both have cooling properties as well.



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