Frequently Asked Questions

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GST & E-Way Bill

What is the GST rate applicable to your products?

According to government GST regulations, a standard rate of 18% GST applies to our products.

Is it possible for me to avail input tax credit for the GST paid on your products?

Yes, you may be eligible to claim input tax credit for the GST paid on our products, subject to compliance with GST regulations. We recommend consulting with your tax advisor or financial expert for personalized guidance.

If I buy your products for personal use at home, am I eligible to claim input tax credit for the GST paid?

As per GST regulations, input tax credit (ITC) is typically available for businesses registered under GST for goods and services purchased for business purposes. If you're purchasing furniture for personal use at home, you wouldn't be eligible to claim ITC for the GST paid on these purchases.

What exactly is an E-Way bill, and is it necessary for my shipment?

According to GST regulations, any shipment exceeding Rs. 50,000 necessitates an E-Way bill for transportation, both intra and inter-state. Hence, if your shipment exceeds Rs. 50,000, an E-Way bill will be mandatory.

Am I required to produce the E-Way Bill or provide any documentation for it?

If you're purchasing our products for personal use, rest assured, we'll take care of generating the E-Way bill for you. To ensure compliance with GST regulations, kindly furnish us with your PAN card and Aadhar Card details. Conversely, if you're procuring products for your business and need billing in your company's name, please provide us with your GST number and billing address.