Frequently Asked Questions

Your Guide to Magari's Exquisite Interiors


Do you offer a warranty on your product(s)?

Our furniture products include a 1-year warranty. Fabric and leather upholstery are excluded from this warranty.

What is not covered under warranty?

The warranty does not extend to fabric or leather upholstery.

What if the product is out of warranty and damaged?

If the product is no longer under warranty, the client will be responsible for covering all associated costs, including shipping, packing materials, and refurbishment expenses.

What if the product is in warranty and damaged?

If the product is covered by warranty and exhibits manufacturing damages or defects, we will coordinate the pickup and refurbishment process. Rest assured, we'll ensure the product is shipped back to you within 7 days of receiving it.

What all does the One Year Warranty NOT COVER?

This product warranty does not extend to:

  • Defects resulting from improper storage, handling, assembly, maintenance, or usage of the product.
  • Damage occurring to the Goods post-purchase due to product modification, intentional harm, accidents, misuse, abuse, or negligence.
  • Normal wear and tear attributable to the natural aging process, including fabric or leather wear, staining, or loosening, which are inherent characteristics over time.
  • Instances such as fabric fading, leather deterioration, or cushion softening are considered normal conditions and not manufacturer defects, hence not covered under our warranty.

Additionally, other exclusions entail:

  • Exclusion of labor or assembly costs. Natural variations in color or texture in Goods crafted from natural materials like fabric, leather, or wood. Please note that fabric and leather are not covered by any warranty. Moreover, buttons on tufted products upholstered with fabric or leather are not warranted, given our limited control over their usage.
  • Use of any Goods for commercial purposes, such as in commercial establishments, which extends beyond personal residential settings.