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Fresh and Boho: Your Guide to Vibrant Home Furnishings
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Fresh and Boho: Your Guide to Vibrant Home Furnishings

Breaking free from the mundane takes confidence; Using colours that stand out for furnishings takes more. Whether you're a seasoned Boho enthusiast or just beginning to embrace this spirited style, get ready to infuse your home with the enchanting energy of Bohemian design, where every piece tells a story and every room is a canvas for your unique, expressive taste. Yavanika’s furnishings are the most versatile pieces to cover all your aesthetic needs and suit every vibe. Mix and match and create your own Boho home. Welcome to the Boho adventure of home furnishings.

Boho Carpets and Rugs

Let’s talk about those cosy rugs that add personality to the room more than any other piece – Boho carpets and rugs. You can feel a whole lot of difference with the rugs on and off; it’s like stripping the room off of its core. They're not just for covering the floor; they're like artwork for your space. Imagine patterns that tell stories, from cool geometric shapes to traditional designs. And it's not just about looks – feel the softness of shaggy rugs or the flat-woven coolness of kilims. With colours that pop and earthy tones that calm, these rugs turn your room into a Boho paradise. Whether in the living room or your favourite reading spot, Boho carpets and rugs make every step feel like a stroll through a vibrant gallery.


Pillow Covers and Sofa Throws

Throw pillow covers are like the jeans of home decor – comfy and full of character. Think easygoing patterns; think tie-dye swirls that feel like a good weekend. The best part? Mixing and matching! Boho lets you play with textures, so your sofa or bed gets a relaxed and casual look. Add some fringe, tassels, or neat embroidery, and these covers turn your throw pillows into easy, breezy Boho accents, making your hangout spots super cosy. It's a simple way to bring that carefree Boho feel to your room without going all fancy. Let your throw pillow covers do their thing, turning your space into a chill Boho retreat that's both comfy and cool.


Draping Elegance: Boho-Inspired Drapes and Curtains

Time to talk about fancy curtains! Use curtains in contrast with the shade of the sofa furnishings so they do not look too much to the eye. Add lighter shades since Boho-browns can easily turn disastrous with super-dark tones. White curtains and sheers are the best idea. Think flowy fabrics in cool colours or funky prints that let some sunlight sneak in. For drapes, add a suede or velvet drape for textures that pop and do not look forced. Add a bit of fringe, tie-dye, or pretty embroidery, and you've got Boho drapes. They turn your windows into an artsy retreat. Boho drapes aren't just covering; they're like the cool, creative touch that makes your place feel warm and welcoming.

Lighting and decor:

Soft lighting looks spectacular on the nude shades of Boho. Yellow and Orange work perfectly, but stay away from white as it can reflect on the sofa colours and make it so dull and lifeless. 

If you’re a maximalist, go all out with the lighting. You can use several types of lampshades in creative forms that can amplify the vibe at night. Due to its light shades, Boho might need assistance in the dark. String lights, lanterns, or even a Himalayan salt lamp can create a warm and cosy Boho atmosphere.

For decor purposes, use Macramé and plants that contrast as well as match the vibes. Use clocks, photo frames, and old-school decor. Make it earthy, raw, and timeless.



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