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Magari Leaves Its Mark at India Design 2024!
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Magari Leaves Its Mark at India Design 2024!

India Design 2024 was a whirlwind of inspiration! We still are in awe of the reception we got at our booth.  The overwhelming support and positive feedback have ignited our passion even further. 

Get ready for a glimpse into the vibrant energy and unforgettable experiences we created. It was a celebration of creativity, innovation, and the dynamic spirit of design that we are honored to share with you!

Products that stole the Show

Our crafted furniture captivated hearts! The Aayutha table, inspired by Mamallapuram's stone-carving art, garnered immense interest with its low seating design, and the interplay of polished stone contrasting with the rough-cut natural texture of granite elevates the senses. Paired with the Aayutha table was the Kelir chair, showcasing traditional materials with detailing in brass.

Gola, with its innovative design and irresistible comfort, was another hit at our booth, delighting the crowd. It seamlessly combines playful folding with plush comfort, featuring fully upholstered surfaces and elegantly swooping wooden armrests.

A Sneak Peek Success 

Magari x AAD Collaboration:

The sneak peek of our collaboration collection with Amaresh Anand Design (AAD) received an overwhelming response! While we can't reveal all the details just yet, all we can say is that this collection transcends ordinary boundaries. Inspired by human experiences and crafted with precision, each piece reflects our lived realities. Rooted in cultural immersion and fueled by a passion for experimentation, we strived to create truly transformative experiences together.

At ID, we also offered a sneak peek of Ivai, our latest cabinetry collection. This collection features unexpected asymmetry inspired by Indian textiles. The patchwork veneers create illusions, stimulating the senses for brighter, more exciting daily routines.

Stay tuned for an exciting launch in the near future!

Beyond our Booth: Exploring Other Exhibits at India Design

India Design 2024 offered a treasure trove of design inspiration. The Asian Paints and Sabyasachi exhibit titled ‘Paris Calcutta’ for Nilaya stood out the most. With two sections to the exhibit, the vibes were distinctly that of Calcutta and Paris respectively. Upon entering the first exhibit, visitors were almost transformed into a royal living room. A gorgeous chandelier hung from the ceiling, lounge chairs with armrests shaped like the head of a tiger adorned the space, along with beautifully upholstered couches and intricate details like a candlelit center table. In contrast, the second exhibit immediately transported guests to a Parisian dinner scene, with a long dinner table adorned with beautiful flowers and two chandeliers hanging overhead, while the wallpaper's detailing completed the ambiance.

Noteworthy exhibits included "Soil," which paid homage to the versatility of soil as a design medium, and "Goblin Mode," offering a playful and unconventional experience. The exhibit "Indo Futurism" combined intricate structures with futuristic aesthetics, blending nostalgia with technology.

The exhibition 'On Paper Of Paper' curated by Ankon Mitra in collaboration with Apparao Galleries featured paper works by over 70 artists, including installations, hanging pieces, and wall art.

Additionally, the ID Collectible pavilion was a visual treat with rising stars like Rooshad Shroff’s design studio, Samuel Barclay’s Case Goods, Ashiesh Shah, DeMuro Das, and others presenting their work.

The event also features a conversation between Pritzker prize-winning architect Peter Zumthor and Bijoy Jain at the ID Symposium, offering profound insights into design and the future of architecture.

The Journey Continues

Thank you for being a part of our journey! We're energized by the support and eager to bring more innovative pieces that blend craftsmanship with designs that fit into modern living spaces.

Discover more about Magari!  Get a sneak peek of our collections on Instagram, and experience the Magari magic at our Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai stores.  For inspiration, follow us on Pinterest. For music recommendations that make your spaces feel like home, check out our Spotify.




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