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6 Tips to Keep Your Furniture Looking Great During Monsoons
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6 Tips to Keep Your Furniture Looking Great During Monsoons

Monsoon sure looks eternally pleasing and nothing sets our mood like the breezy fresh outdoors. But along with the beauty and calmness, it also brings trouble for wooden home furniture that cannot be avoided. But this monsoon, we have some tips for you to keep your home and living room furniture fresh and good as new.

With proper care, keeping your furniture fit for the lovely breezy monsoons is simple.

Smart Hacks for Preventing Monsoon Damage to Furniture

To keep your furniture looking great during monsoons, make sure to follow some simple tips.

Keep a close eye on furniture placement

When it comes to the placement of furniture during monsoons, it’s important to be mindful of humidity and temperature. Make sure the room is well ventilated, preferably cross-ventilated, so that damp air doesn’t get locked near furniture. Move all the wooden furniture at least six inches away from the wall to protect it from rain and ensure it is placed in an area that is not in direct sunlight. In monsoons, the walls accumulate moisture, and this can damage the wood furniture. Additionally, it is good for the walls because they get space to breathe and eliminate humidity.

Garden chairs that are webbed or painted should be kept inside during the monsoons to prevent them from chipping.

And finally, don’t forget about storage solutions. Make sure to place items such as umbrellas and ponchos away from your furniture so they don’t get wet.

Keep them clean and maintained 

Don’t forget to clean your furniture regularly. Cleaning will help remove any dirt, dust, or water droplets that may have accumulated on the furniture. Use a dry and clean cloth to prevent dust accumulation as dust tends to absorb moisture and this may instead soften the finishing of the wood. Seal the cracks, joints, and corners of the wooden furniture (if any) with the best coatings and sealants.

When cleaning any furniture piece, be sure to consider its material and the specific type of care required for it. Some materials require special attention, such as upholstered pieces made from cloth or fabric. Here are a few tips on cleaning and maintaining of some of the most commonly used materials in Indian furniture.

  • Solid Wood Furniture – To remove mould or mildew, start by vacuum cleaning the piece of furniture using a soft brush attachment. Then wipe it down with a clean, dry cloth and apply a layer of wax to protect the surface.
  • Fabric or Leather upholstery – Fabrics are often highly susceptible to stains, so it is important to keep spills under control and regularly turn cushions. This will help extend the life of any upholstered furniture. You can use readily available fabric care products such as Godrej Ezee or other similar products.
  • Cane and Veneer Furniture – Similar to solid wood furniture, use a clean dry cloth to dust the surfaces and nooks. Make sure to not use water or any cleaning chemicals, as it will attract mould and lead to damage.

Pro tip: To clean a greasy spot, dip a lint-free cloth in soapy water and dislodge the dirt. Then clean it off with a damp cloth, wiping it dry soon after.

Keep them oiled or waxed

During monsoons, wooden furniture can absorb a lot of moisture which can cause drawers and doors to get stuck when opened or closed. To avoid this, you can oil or wax the furniture to prevent it from swelling up.

To keep furniture looking its best during monsoons, it’s important to oil and wax furniture regularly. Wax and polish help make your wooden furniture water resistant and it makes for an easy and quick touch up the look of your wooden furniture. Oiling, waxing, or varnishing are practical and lasting ways to prevent moisture from swelling wood furniture. Be sure to use a high-quality oil and wax that is specifically designed for wood furniture.

Pro tip: Try and use spray-on wax if available for a neat and clean finish.

Keep the humidity levels and moisture at bay

One of the biggest contributors to wood deterioration is humidity and moisture from the air. Therefore, it is important to take care of wooden furniture in your home by keeping it dry.

It is no news that the dampness of the rainy season can bring in a musty odour, which nobody likes. To prevent this problem, Indoor humidity levels should not exceed 50% and this can be done by using a dehumidifier or opening windows when it is not raining. This will allow the room to air out ensure the indoors stay crisp and fresh. This will reduce the moisture content and help protect the furniture from water damage.

Wooden furniture is not well-suited to drying under the sun, as the damped water will just bead up and cause rot. Direct sunlight can damage the texture and durability of solid wood. Seasoning your wooden furniture during the monsoon season is not a good idea either, as the weather conditions are likely to cause more shine and reflection from the wood.

Loose cushions on furniture used in balconies or porches should be periodically removed and stored away to avoid moisture accumulation that can cause the wood to rot.

Pro Tip: Naphthalene balls and camphor are also great moisture absorbents, so stash a few of them in places with high chances of dampness (like your cabinets, wardrobes, and shoe racks) to help keep your furniture fresh.

Give the outdoor furniture an extended life

Whether you have a large garden space or a quaint little balcony, whatever the condition of your outside area, excellent waterproof furniture will be ideal.

When shopping for outdoor furniture, be sure to look for chairs, tables, and couches made from aluminum, teak wood, all-weather resin or a resin and teak combination. These materials are more resistant to harsh conditions than average wood or plastic alternatives. If you want your outdoor furniture to be monsoon-ready, be sure to check out ABACA’s range of outdoor furniture right in our store, that’s been designed to withstand the constantly changing weather conditions.

Invest in cushions that are made with water-resistant fabrics, stain-resistant materials, and dust-proof properties which make cleaning up after storms much easier. Additionally, covers for furniture can also help keep pieces clean and dry when they’re not in use.

Don’t fret if you have been using regular wooden furniture outdoors, at Magari we provide a special outdoor coating that makes them weather-proof. Reach out to us here.

Cane and Bamboo Furniture

Cane and bamboo furniture items do not require much attention in monsoon. In addition to being sustainable, they absorb less moisture and are less vulnerable to moss and mould growth. If you are planning on buying furniture in monsoons, you may want to add some cane pieces to your purchase list. It will be worth it. Explore our collection here.

Your favourite season deserves the best

Monsoons are a favourite season for many people. The gentle pitter-patter of raindrops on a cloudy day can make anyone wake up with joy.

So, keep the monsoon cheer up! Because with these tips in mind, you can make your furniture last longer and maintain its elegance, all while enjoying the rain assured that your wooden furniture will be with you for many monsoons to come.

Spend your evenings in the most favourite corner of your house, cosying up on a couch with coffee and loved ones, because monsoon is a time of togetherness.




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