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Working from Home? Refresh Your Home Office Furniture to Enhance Your Productivity
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Working from Home? Refresh Your Home Office Furniture to Enhance Your Productivity


With offices opening up again, many of us are now looking forward to working alongside our colleagues in offices. On the other hand, many of us opted for the benefits of working from home, be it a few days a week or completely remote (“Goodbye commute, you won’t be missed!“).

But a home office needs the occasional refresh too; otherwise, you risk monotony in your work as well as your mind! With a refreshed home office, you’ll be able to approach your work with a fresh take and keep your mind stimulated with a change in scenery. This will help you complete your tasks more efficiently and do better at work. Here are four simple tips to refresh your home office furniture:

  1. Replace ageing furniture

When the pandemic hit us with very little warning, many of us stitched together a home office almost overnight. That left little room for planning. Over the months, you may have accumulated furniture in your home office that doesn’t necessarily add to your work environment the way you like it.

Look around your home office and discard any old or ageing furniture pieces and replace them out with new ones. New furniture, especially ones that are crafted for modern workspaces like our Arivu table, offers features and ergonomics built for productivity.

Changing out a central furniture piece like a table can even transform the look of your entire home office in one sweeping motion.

Don’t forget to pair the table with a comfortable office chair that helps you maintain a good posture.

  1. Arrange your furniture in a way that makes the most use of space.

Home offices come in all kinds of layouts and sizes. Some used to be the spare bedroom or the study that were transformed overnight, while others are office rooms by day and living spaces by night. Make sure to position things so that you have easy access to your desk, laptop, and other important work tools. A well-thought-out layout won’t need frequent rearranging and you will find everything ready and waiting for you when you hit the work desk the next day.

Allowing for space in your home office gives you the flexibility to push back, stretch out, and even limber up between focused work sessions. This is as important for your health and physical wellbeing as it is for your productivity.

When planning your refreshed home-office layout, don’t forget to pay close attention to lighting. Keep in mind not to have a direct source of light right behind you to prevent screen glare and make sure you look your best on video calls. More on lighting coming up next!

  1. We say it often, but lighting is everything.

Workplaces invest a considerable amount of time and resources ensuring desks are well lit at all times, from dawn to dusk. Your home office should follow suit because adequate lighting can transform your productivity.

Choose a warm, diffused light source that you’re comfortable with and that provides comfortable ambient lighting. Warm lighting contrasts the cool light of displays and reduces eye strain and fatigue. Pick curtains that allow you to control natural light so that you can maximize natural light during the day, while preventing glare on your screen. If you’re looking for curtain fabrics, our in-house furnishing brand Yavanika, has thousands of options for you to choose from.

  1. Five minutes of organizing can make all the difference

Remember, a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind. A well-organized workspace can immediately translate into spending less time searching and more time working. But we do understand that not everyone’s workspace is the same. Some of us drown in papers, others in wires or other odds and ends. So, start by taking stock of what you would be working with to make sure you have enough racks, storage shelves, and document organizers to meet your requirements.

Start your day with five minutes dedicated to cleaning up your space by sorting through papers, putting away excess items, and dusting off any surfaces that need attention. This creates a clean and organized atmosphere which will help you get things done better when you hit the desk to start your day.

Working from home has its own charm, and with a little bit of time and effort you can transform your home office and refresh your mind space at the same time. Working from home can be productive too, and all you need to do is make sure your home office is spruced up and ready to help you succeed in your career.

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