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Magari In Hyderabad – A culmination of timeless design and inspiring spaces
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Magari In Hyderabad – A culmination of timeless design and inspiring spaces

Over the last several years, Hyderabad has been an incessant calling for Magari and it’s not hard to imagine why. The city is rooted in tradition and unique art forms. Hyderabad is home to a rich amalgamation of art, history, culture and architecture both modern and ancient, with historic monuments such as the Charminar, Golconda Fort.
Then it is no surprise that our store feels right at home in Jubilee Hills, in the heart of this remarkable and inspiring city.

When it comes to homes and interiors, the city of Hyderabad leans more towards traditional pieces with simpler designs and colors. A lot of our customers from Hyderabad prefer our furniture because our finely crafted Timeless designs can last for generations and will work well with the traditional styles of the region.

Imbibing Our Ethos

Our store design is an ode to timeless product designs and woodcraft. At the Hyderabad store, our aim was to showcase our timeless products with a backdrop that is as close to the natural home environment as possible. The selection of colour palette was kept close to the textures found in nature which helped imbibe the attributes of the brand in the overall design of the space.



The design inspiration behind the store was completely centered around imbibing the ethos of Magari-timelessness – into creating spaces with bespoke furniture pieces that are true to their natural materials.

Folds and Spaces

It started with a simple sheet of paper, and rather than get sketching on it, our design team looked through it for a unique inspiration and folded it to create a sense of depth and void. The plane of the paper, folds to create multiple planes that enclose the resultant voids which gave us the display windows. The large windows let ample sunlight in and the diffused warmth of these inner spaces can be felt by any person who peers in through these windows.

Using planes to create depth and void which created the sense of enclosure without having to actually enclose a space.



The concept of creating folds of a plane to form voids helped us develop a design language that flows throughout the store, seamlessly binding all the different spaces. The geometrical form of the folds created a setting that’s ideal for the display of furniture. This resulted exhibits the feeling of an enclosed space without actually creating one. This effect is further enhanced by the type of partition walls, backdrops, window elements and others that were used as part of the design process.

Sustainable Construction

The team’s vision of staying true to the ethos of the space was extended to the structure of the building too. The store is a true testament to the adaptive reuse of an existing building.

The building‘s metal skeleton was exposed in its raw form by stripping away the glass and aluminium composite panels that were part of the building‘s shell. Many internal elements of the building were retained to ensure the core structure remains untouched requiring no further supports or beams to add stability. It also contributed towards the idea of creating folds as part of the shell for the existing structure.


To follow the design intent of this atypical facade, the team sought to use a material that is flexible, light and binds the concept of timelessness and authenticity together. The material also needs to maintain strong structural integrity in the varying temperatures and occasional harsh weather elements of tropical India. This made ferrocement the clear choice.


From folds to creating spaces that highlight the craftsmanship of the furniture.

Ferrocement has both, the capability of creating elegant folds finished delicately with sand plaster, and a uniquely organic texture. No additional treatment was required, just expert plastering techniques. Given the team’s inspiration to take this unique, materials-centric approach, the Magari Hyderabad store has a more organic appearance and offers a unique aesthetic over traditional interiors.



The simple flooring style was maintained with stone-textured tiles and the ceiling was left bare with its structural elements exposed. This clean, minimal structural design means that our visitors’ focus is immediately pulled in by the exquisitely crafted furniture pieces.


The Play of Lights and Moods

Magari has always remained synonymous an almost wordless expression of human aspiration and joy. The store’s design creates various moods with the varying degrees of natural sunlight that filters through the large windows. The beautiful play of sunlight bouncing off the characteristic facade of the store, creates a subtle glow-like effect highlighting the furniture pieces and almost placing them in the spotlight to shine.

Our Hyderabad store also features an exquisite lighting installation to illuminate the interiors. To bring this art piece to life, our team collaborated with none other than Ankon Mitra, who helped realize this idea from inspiration to installation.


The unique lighting design illuminates the large, almost wall-free space of our Hyderabad store. The folded design style carries through to it, making the installation appear like a reflection that depicts the concept of the store design in a glance.

The grid-like arrangement of the planes were formed with elephant hide paper to create a diffused glow when a source of light hits the paper. These geometric planes are freely suspended from the ceiling and inspire a sense of movement and rhythm in the space – by reflecting dynamic patterns of light and shadow coming together.


The Complete Selection for Your Home

The Magari store in Hyderabad is designed to be the one-stop for all your home interior needs. The softly lit aesthetic spaces feature elegant wardrobe designs that are extensively customizable to suit your living space. Take a stroll through our wardrobe section and choose from artfully designed shutter options of sliding or open-hinged wardrobes.

The kitchen display area lets you walk around and re-envision your home’s kitchen space. Explore elegant kitchen designs offering a wide selection of finish options customized to your kitchen area.

Magari kitchens come fully equipped for the contemporary home, complete with chimneys, built-in cooking hobs, and even a lacquered glass dado for that touch of premium cooking delight.

The Fabrics Make the Finish

The Magari store in Hyderabad is also home to Yavanika furnishings. Choose from a nearly endless selection of fabrics, wallpapers, rugs and more. Select your favorite patterns or textures from artisanal mills to customize your furniture pieces or add a touch of softness to your home and our expert team will do the rest.

If you’re looking for more inspiration for fabrics and furnishing, then follow us on the Yavanika Instagram page. Experience a medley of traditional and contemporary fabric patters and designs for your home.


An Experience Like None Other


Each of our furniture pieces are rooted in traditional forms of craftsmanship and design. The team set out to create a space that enables them to stand out.

The spaces have been designed in such a way that the visitor can experience the pieces of furniture by interacting with them freely – to get a first-hand appreciation for the unique designs, immaculate textures and detailing. The spaces let us create an environment that offers up a wholesome sensory experience through play of material and light.


Crafting an experiential journey visually and texturally

The staircase for example is in its raw metal structure and softness was added to it by creating a railing that forms a single sweeping curve made of ferrocement with a wooden handrail. The resultant form creates interest as the eyes travel upwards. Similar thought has gone into the layout of the space that allows the visitor to move across seamlessly and appreciate each furniture piece in its entirety. It enables them to visualize the pieces as a part of their homes and experience bespoke craftsmanship.


It’s hard to capture into words, what our design team spent years perfecting. The store brings forth a sensory retail experience at par with the unique designs and expert craftsmanship that our products offer.

Drop by our store in Jubilee Hills and experience the Magari ethos for yourself. The Magari store in Hyderabad houses everything you need for your new, contemporary home but with a touch of deeply rooted tradition. Walk in for a home interior experience unlike any other and you may find something truly timeless to take home with you.




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