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Magari at RAW5: Synergies of the design ecosystem
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Magari at RAW5: Synergies of the design ecosystem

We are delighted to have collaborated with RAW as their co-sponsors this year, embodying our ethos of bringing together design talents from across the country on one platform; putting forth works that will be appreciated by art connoisseurs, designers, and aesthetes alike. It culminated at the beginning of December at The Alembic Art District, Baroda to celebrate the individual expressions of brilliant design minds, extraordinary furniture pieces, installations, art pieces, talk shows and more.

As our design theme to celebrate ‘Play’ as an expression and to showcase some of our exclusive products, here’s a sneak peek into #MagariAtRaw5. Explore how using organic designs can create a living space of wonder.

Uncoiling what play means to us 

(Inspiring Installations)

Revitalising existing design energies, the installation was an ode to celebrate the expression of ‘play’. The focus of approach adds intuition, self-discovery and freedom of imagination without limitations. The platform brought forth the freedom for participants to go beyond sense of individual purpose towards imaginativeness and experimentation of design.


Our installation is directly inspired from our craft, with a focus on the materials and the way they enhance the tactility of a luxury home interior, but with an understated elegance.

Playful Creations

Playing with clay unlocks an unexpected sense of freedom, one where you are not limited by geometry and joinery. Children play with no bounds to their thinking, letting their imagination run free.

We sought to create an immersive design experience for our participants, one that enables them to appreciate fluid expression as a starting point for the design. Our primary aim with this project – leading them on a journey towards discovering new possibilities and crafting original creations out of imagination!

It was a journey of exploring new possibilities, playing and creating, unlocking new contours, envisioning new forms and letting their imaginations run free.


Play. Explore. Create.

If you joined us at RAW Collaborative this year, you’ve glimpsed into our exclusive opportunity to explore what the future of interior design has in store. But if you missed it, here’s what you can look out for in the months to come!

Subtle curves and soft forms create an enchanting medley of materials that meld together yielding a refreshing take on contemporary home furniture with captivating texture. The richly textured upholstery amplifies each piece with its patterned patters adding another level of dimensionality resulting in inviting, lifelike textures for maximum impact.

Explore the organic, flowing form of the Tramo dining chair with its curved seat and back, designed for maximal comfort. Pair it with the original design of the Yokan dining table that pairs the contoured tabletop with the organic contours of the legs making it a statement piece for your dining room.

Experience the fluidity of the Massera couch with its contemporary aesthetic, characterized by a series of slender tubes that embrace the base. The artful arrangement brings an extra dimension and nuance to this piece.

There is more to come, of course, so stay tuned for the exclusive showcase of our product collection.

RAW Discovery Awards

To further exemplify our celebration of the most captivating contemporary designers, we co-sponsored the RAW Discoveries Award. This annual selection process honours those who are perpetually pushing boundaries and innovating in their design practice by achieving exceptional results with material explorations; ushering new ways of incorporating craft into design methods while enlarging its reach through innovative creations.

In Conversation with RAW

All this and more could not have been possible without the amazing team that made this all happen. Here’s what the RAW founders @tanvikaria @vishwabhattweir and @priyadarshinirathore had to say about partnering with Magari for the 4th year in a row and how their stringent curation process ensures the brand ethos aligns with their values.

As the evening darkened around us on the last day, we parted ways after four exciting days of reimagining the synergies of our design ecosystem. RAW Collaborative 5 was an exciting experience, filled with refreshing new possibilities in interior design. At Magari, we are all thrilled to have been a small yet impactful part of that ecosystem. We look forward to seeing you there next year!



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