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Massera by Magari
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Massera by Magari

Step into the whimsical world of design and imagination, where PLAY is not just a simple act, but a fundamental philosophy. In this collection, the inspiration behind the design transcends beyond the mere physicality of each piece, evoking a sense of childlike wonder and enchantment.

The Massera collection is a manifestation of our innate desire for self-expression and curiosity, born from the liberating and intrinsic act of play that we all experience as children. It is a result of a journey that leads to the rediscovery of the undirected experimentation that gives way to unexpected discoveries and serendipitous moments.

Join us as we explore the creative thought process and delve into the magic that sparked this collection’s conception.

Organic Designs, Playful Creations

The Massera collection’s design draws inspiration from the soft, pliable nature of Play-Doh, which offers unlimited potential for freeform experimentation. Massera, meaning ‘to knead,’ is a nod to the pliancy of clay and the sense of creative freedom it unlocks. This collection’s organic shapes and subtle curves lend it a whimsical charm that’s both playful and refreshing. The soft-touch fabric finish evokes the satisfying malleability of clay and adds to the collection’s overall sense of light-hearted joy and unhindered exploration.

Play-doh as a material was discovered by chance and it directly links to the concept of how ‘play’ & design can come together to create a collection of products. It allowed for free-form interaction with shapes, without the need for structure or an end goal. The material’s properties let us manipulate it into unexpected forms without traditional joinery methods. This translated into functional objects with an element of playfulness.

In the next phase, we picked out details and potential forms for actualization, adding competitiveness to our experimentation. We played with the outcomes, developed them into functional elements, and stayed autotelic in our approach.

Here’s our Head of Furniture Design, talking about the inspiration and design process behind our new collection, which unlocks a sense of unexpected freedom through play.

Fabric forms, Textured Experiences

At Magari, we have always focused on creating timeless and elegant designs and that is reflected in our new collection. The new collection features playful forms with an eye-catching medley of materials including neutral hues, textured feel, and wavy patterns shaped and contoured to flow together into an unexpectedly refreshing take on contemporary home furniture.


Explore the malleability of the Massera collection by running your hands along its plush surface, and personalize your pieces with endless options in patterns and textures from our in-house furniture brand, Yavanika. Choose from select mills to express the inspired forms of Massera in a way that suits your home.

The product range features upholstered sofas, chairs, dining tables, and consoles, with materials presented in a different form to add a sense of softness and warmth.

Discover the fluidity of the contemporary tubular design of the Massera sofa. Upholstered with a soft rib-knit fabric, the asymmetric pipe sofa brings uncompromising comfort and radical non-conformity that comes with playing with clay.

Make a statement in your living room or study with the high-backed Orzo armchair. Its contoured armrests pay tribute to the versatility of clay, offering a distinctive tapering curve. The textured fabric upholstery adds a tactile contrast to the natural grain wood’s smooth finish.

Add expressive warmth to your living room with the low-back Occo sofa. Contrasting textures finish its visual aesthetic, and the fully upholstered design offers unprecedented ergonomic comfort.

The ambitiously original Yokan dining table pairs the contoured tabletop with organic leg contours, inspired by hand-molded clay. The surface features a raw wooden ring pattern, while the natural grain of the wooden legs completes the schismatic design.



Explore the full collection at

With its organic shapes and textures, the collection is perfect for those who want to add a touch of playful character to their home interiors. To experience the Massera collection in person, visit our stores in Bangalore and Hyderabad.



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