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Colouring Spaces: Embracing Bold Statements and Tranquil Tones
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Colouring Spaces: Embracing Bold Statements and Tranquil Tones

With the ever-evolving design landscape, the use of colour in creating breathtaking interiors has become a crucial aspect. As we shift our focus towards creating a personalized and serene ambience in our living spaces, the careful interplay of bold statements and tranquil tones takes centre stage.

There are two emerging paths that while vastly diverse, are interlinked. The recent colour choices reflect this dichotomy, with a mix of bold and vibrant hues that showcase a zest for life, and a range of neutral and natural tones that embody a sense of peace and tranquillity. On one hand, we’re drawn towards calming neutral tones, while on the other, we’re drawn to vivid and optimistic hues. Of course, contemporary homes can cater to both, and everything in between.

Colour psychology in interior design isn’t just about mood-boosting – it can also make your spaces look a whole lot better. At Magari, we believe that the discerning use of colour can elevate the character of any space, reflecting one’s personal style and exuding an aura of sophistication. Let’s dive into how different hues can give your room a fresh look with a few pieces from our collection to inspire you into bringing your unique space to life.

Living Spaces

Fabrics have the power to completely alter the look of a piece of furniture. From rich textures to crisp linens, the right fabric and colour choice can turn a everday piece into a statement piece that defines your living space.

Bring life to your space with bold and playful patterns with Yavanika’s endless selection of fabric options showcased in our stores. Our collection of vibrant wallpapers and upholstery materials are sure to make a statement in any room. Mix and match them to create a unique and fun vibe or opt for a bold, statement piece to make a room pop. Let’s get creative and add some personality to your living spaces.

Whether you’re looking to create a tranquil bedroom, or a relaxing living space, incorporating calm and soothing colours is an effective way to create a space that promotes peace and serenity. From soft blues and greens to muted pinks and yellows, these colours evoke a sense of calm and tranquillity. Use them as a neutral backdrop or as accents in neutral hues, the result is always a space that feels peaceful, soothing and rejuvenating. They can also provide a grounding effect, creating a harmonious balance in spaces where we spend a lot of time.

Transform your living room into a peaceful retreat with the subtle beauty of the Occo three-seater sofa. This tranquil hue, reminiscent of nature and flora, brings a sense of softness and serenity to your space.

Explore our curated collection of designer furnishings in a wide range of textures and colours.


Everyone knows the best creations come from your kitchen. Upgrade your culinary experience with exquisite kitchen designs by Magari. From soft neutrals to bold statement hues, the right shade or textured finish can instantly elevate the ambiance and aesthetic of your kitchen area.

Bold and beautiful, this elegant kitchen design blends traditional and modern styles with wood, metal, and glass to make cooking an absolute treat. The dark blues work well with the clean white and marbled pattern accents the rest of the room which gives it a sense of space.

By opting for lighter shades of blue, you can even create a crisp, clean look which is recommended for walls, cabinets, or even the ceiling.

The sleek, minimalist design of this classic green kitchen combines a neutral colour palette with a patterned marble design, adding character to your home.

The warm green colour with gold handle highlights enhances the design aesthetic of your kitchen and creates an arresting contrast.


Incorporating colour in your bedroom is one of the most effective ways to enhance the mood and atmosphere of the space. Different colours evoke different emotions, from calming blues and greens to energizing yellows and reds.

Bring in that trendy look by combining colours, textures, and even contrasting materials in wardrobe designs to create an elegant and impressive statement piece.

Add personality to your room with a design that inspires you. Featuring a bold, inspirational floral centrepiece in defining red against the glossy black, this wardrobe brings a vibrant essence to the space.

Combine neutral tones with wood and glass for that elegant chic look. This Aristo O Series wardrobe features matt lacquer and glass finish for that finesse.

Explore our range of kitchen and wardrobe designs that will elevate your home experience at @wkbymagari.


Furnishings are an essential part of any space and can have a major impact on the overall look and feel of a room. With the right combination of vibrant colours, textures, and patterns, furnishings can transform a space into a place that feels welcoming, comfortable, and personalized.

While bold and vibrant hues can make a bold statement, calm and soothing colours offer a peaceful escape from the chaos of everyday life. This is why choosing the right colour palette is so important.

Here are a few ways you can transform your space with our unique furnishing options to give your home that elegant makeover.


Wallpapers are a great way to add colour and texture to a room. They can also be used to create a feature wall that draws attention to a particular area of the room. With a wide range of designs available, from geometric patterns to florals, there is something to suit every taste and style.


Cushions are the perfect accessories to add comfort and style to any room. They can also be used to add a pop of colour or to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

Curtains and Drapes

Whether you opt for bold and dramatic drapes or light and airy sheer curtains, they can help to create a sense of privacy and intimacy while also adding a touch of style. Make sure to choose a fabric that is appropriate for the room and that complements the other furnishings in the space.


Rugs are a great way to bring the space together by unifying them into a singular experience. Whether you opt for a patterned or solid rug, make sure that the colour is complementary to the other furnishings in the room.


Explore more of our furnishing options at @yavanika.india that brings you a timeless combination of luxury and durability. With a wide range of options available, from wallpapers and rugs to cushions, drapes, and curtains, create a space that is vibrant, tranquil, or personal. By carefully choosing the right colours, textures, and patterns, you can give your space a new look that you will love.

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