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Monochrome a timeless interior trend
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Monochrome a timeless interior trend


The harmonious coming together of the Yin and Yang is best expressed in a monochromatic flow of black and white colours. Legendary fashion designer, Coco Chanel, said “ has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony”. Renowned Pablo Picasso painted his most famous picture in black and white


Elegant Modern Look

For those who enjoy a minimalistic approach to design, monochrome is the perfect way to create a visual cleanness and sophistication. It allows you to play with a sleek combination of colours with the addition of outstanding textures, patterns and shapes.
Monochrome is mostly known for the use of black and white colours (which is good for those who struggle with colour). Monochrome means ‘having one colour’ you take one basic colour and apply colour theory to create a range of hues by playing with the various tones, shades, and tints. It includes play of colour combinations containing different tones, textures and materials.Tonal Variations


Nordique Interiors

 The current popularity of monochrome interiors comes from Scandinavian homes. The design aesthetics of the Nordic countries reflect minimalist colour palettes, attractive accents, and striking modern furniture. Scandinavian patterns prominently use the colours black and white, pairing it with accents of brass, gold and raw timber.

If you want to introduce monochrome in your house, start with a bigger element and work your way down. You can use neutral accents to layer the space against a black-and-white background. Gold, brass, jute, and marble are great textural elements.


White, black, or grey walls or floor with neutral-coloured sofas, and armchairs. Add cushions, rugs, and throws, which are perfect accessories to introduce patterns to your décor. Think about bold stripes and tribal patterns to create graphic interest.

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