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Mid-Century Cane Classics for Modern Homes
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Mid-Century Cane Classics for Modern Homes

The mid-century design modern style, defined by simple forms, warm woods and sleek shapes, look just as new and relevant now as they did in the 1950s. It was an era of the design movement that focused on high functionality and organic influences, which are valued even today. These mid-century modern pieces undeniably have a timeless appeal. With new interpretation of design and by retaining its original orientation, these revived pieces can easily be infused in various styles of home interiors. Cane is one such versatile material used commonly in mid-century furniture designs. Now let’s take a trip down memory lane to check out some of these iconic cane furniture pieces and highlight the great design minds associated with them.


Chandigarh Armchair by Pierre Jeanneret

In the 1950s, Swiss architect Pierre Jeanneretwas asked by the then Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru and the Chandigarh government to design furniture for office spaces. Jeanneret designed a teak-and-cane chair, which was simple, functional and sturdy. The V-leg construction of the arm chair gave it a minimalist look and a sturdy build. The chair is perfect for home offices, study rooms as well as large office spaces.


Bentwood chair Josef Hoffmann for Thonet’s

Austrian architect Josef Hoffmann was considered a key figure in the evolution of modern design and architecture in Europe. Hoffmann, in collaboration with Michael Thonet’s company, designed the bentwood Prague chair. In the 1920s, Michael Thonet’s company starting developing and processing bentwood furniture. Through the influence of Hoffmann’s design language, which primarily involvedbeauty of geometrical lines such as grids and angular forms, along with simplicity, the bentwood Prague chair was born. This chair is a staple for restaurants and cafes across the world today, and is a great fit for vintage styled dining room at homes.


Marcel Breuer Cane Chair

Marcel Breuer knew how to blend traditional craftsmanship with industrial methods and materials.  Breuer designed the Cesca Chair in the year 1928, which became an international sensation. The chair has a tubular-steel frame along with a caned seat and back. It was the first such chair to be mass-produced for work places. The Cesca Chair makesfor a great seating in the lobby.


Charlotte Perriand Coffee Table

Charlotte Perri, the beloved French architect and designer, is known for her incredible command over aesthetics. Her designs were aimed at creating functional living spaces. In the year 1960, Perriand created the RIO table; it is made up of six staggered segments of different radii, an outer edge in solid wood and a central hole which forms the table’s centre of gravity. This design was also adapted into a marble construction instead of cane. This unique table makes for a great addition to a living space looking for a modern and functional piece of furniture.



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