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Pop and Play is the New Neutral
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Pop and Play is the New Neutral

Colour. The power to transform any environment. A brightly painted wall or ceiling, a vase of flowers in the living room or a signature couch, can set the tone and mood  of the room, and contribute to the general ambiance. Colour also can create an illusion of a larger space or make a room look cosier.

Colours used on walls, ceilings, furnishings etc. tend to be permanent, until one decides to redesign the space. An easier way of transforming a space would be to play around with fabric – drapes, upholstery, wall art etc. Wallpaper is also a great way to refurbish more permanent structures.

Colour trends in interior design have evolved over time. From earthy, to pastels and now bolder and brighter. One such colour that could not say it better is yellow.


Yellow isn’t a colour just for summer. It is an interpretation of optimism and happiness. It can brighten up any room, although too much of it can lead to creating an almost opposite effect. And yellows come in many hues –Hacienda clay, Ginger Root, Natural Tinge.

Here are some ideas of how adding a statement piece of yellow and balancing it with lighter tones can make the home more vibrant yet chic.


Brightly coloured yellow curtains can add a twist to the whole look if the upholstery and interiors of the room is kept sober and serene. In some instances, they can even affect the dimensions of the room and make it look bigger by adding a sense of depth to the whole space.


A modern design maintains simplicity and uniformity. However, a design that is too simple seems too boring and stiff. To make it more unique, you can add a pop of yellow to the flooring and the staircase’s surface.



Nothing adds colour like pillows strategically placed on furniture. Whether you choose solids for a floral sofa, or colourful patterned pillows for a solid colour chair, these simple additions will add comfort and just the right splash of colour. And nothing is more apt than to infuse some yellow cushions into the room to bring out the space.


Sofa Sets

Every colour has a certain impact on an existing décor and we’re not talking here just about colour psychology. It’s simply comes down to the matter of interior stylisation as well. The question that remains is, ‘how does one decorate the space around it to compliment it?’


It is important to play around with colours be it through any means and one can never go wrong with yellow. Since the beautiful Holi festival just went by, it suddenly gave a talking point of the importance of colour. It was only fitting that yellow makes her grand yet understated entrance and how!



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