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Stylish, Modern Leather Sofas
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Stylish, Modern Leather Sofas

When you hear someone say ‘Leather Sofa’, the first thing that comes to mind is the masculine, hard lined and bulky aesthetics, usually in black or brown colours. The rigidly structured leather sofas are now being reinvented with more modern and contemporary styles at Magari by integrating two aspects: design and comfort.  At the store, you can see the leather collection includes mid-century styled pieces with the most ­inviting leather finishes. The range of leather furniture on display are sofas, bar stools, dining chairs and leisure chairs. Let’s explore some of the points that have been considered, while creating these modern leather pieces.


Mid-century Design

You will know mid-century furniture when you see it. The designs are uncomplicated and enhanced with clean aesthetics. The below 3-seater leather sofa is thoughtfully designed with an organic shape, tapered legs and meticulously detailed back rest. It retains a vintage design, is comfortable and has function-friendly length.


Various colour swathes for leather upholstery


Faux leather explained

Vegan leather or leatherette is designed to look like real leather. The physical characteristics are like genuine leather. Leatherette is also referred to as faux leather and is made up of fabric at its core.  With faux leather, various finishes and textures are available.

It has a softer side, various colours and textures.

The store displays various shades of colours in leather and faux leather. There are pink, maroon, red and beige coloured leather options for your choice. This has become possible because the leather industry has expanded its various dye and wax offerings.


Some pieces have a soothing soft leather while others have a textured surface. The combination of all these are a complete delight.  




Some final points to consider before making your purchase: Leather furniture does last longer, it is easy to clean, stylish and will be a classic addition to your interiors.



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