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6 Tips to Keep Your Furniture Looking Great During Monsoons

Monsoon sure looks eternally pleasing and nothing sets our mood like the breezy fresh outdoors. But along with the beauty and calmness, it also brings trouble for wooden home furniture...

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Transform Your Living Room into a Summertime Oasis

Summertime is a time of joy where the pleasant breeze plays a soft rustling note on trees and the aroma of ripening mangoes fill the neighbourhood. The season also brings...

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Pop and Play is the New Neutral

Colour. The power to transform any environment. A brightly painted wall or ceiling, a vase of flowers in the living room or a signature couch, can set the tone and...

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யாதும் ஊரே யாவரும் கேளிர். All towns are one, everyone our kin.   – Purannanuru: 192. Kanniyan Poongunranar   Aayutha is an exclusive collection by Magari. The collection is a true...

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The Enduring Appeal of Leather Upholstery: A Guide to Timeless Elegance

Leather upholstered furniture, with its rich texture, undeniable comfort, and unparalleled durability, represents the pinnacle of luxury and sophistication in home interiors. Leather upholstery has graced homes for centuries, offering...

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Mid-Century Cane Classics for Modern Homes

The allure of mid-century modern design lies in its celebration of simplicity and its emphasis on form following function. As we witness a renaissance of this timeless style, cane furniture...

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Monochrome a timeless interior trend

Monochrome, in its essence, is not just a colour scheme; it's a statement of style, a commitment to a visual and emotional experience that is both profound and nuanced. As...

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